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Welcome to Escafeld Designs by Richard Priestley

Escafeld Designs - Contemporary Gold & Silver JewelleryI am a designer and maker of contemporary jewellery in silver and gold with precious and semi precious stones.  I am also a lapidarist with over twenty years' experience, and thus much of my work is inlaid with stone. My designs have clean lines but retain an organic feel which best shows the beauty of the stone.

The method of inlaying the stone often makes the pieces very tactile.  All my jewellery is completely handmade and, due to the nature of the stone, each is unique in its own way.

I welcome visitors to my workshop to see how it's made,buy pieces or discuss comissions.  I also undertake specialist lapidary work for the jewellery and antique trade.

Here you can learn more about Richard Priestley, his designs and The Academy of Makers.  You can also buy pieces directly online.